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Current Businesses in Singapore and Asia

title2Ramen Champion Pte Ltd
    Ramen Champion – 3 outlets
    Otaru Suisan – 1 outlet

title2EC House Pte Ltd–Singapore
    EC HOUSE – 33 outlets
    HAIRTITUDE – 1 outlets
    LA Barbershop – 2 outlet
    Papa Poika – 1 outlet

title2Global Retail Partners Pte Ltd
    Eat At Seven – 1 outlet

title2SG Retail Partners Pte Ltd
    Japan Gourmet Hall Sora – 1 outlet

title2Onsen Retreat & Spa (Singapore)
    Yunomori Onsen – 1 outlet

title2Komars Management Thailand Co., Ltd
    Bishamon – 1 outlet
    RQ49 (Medical building)
    CJ – 1 outlet
    Joshoken – 1 outlet

title2Beroc Brothers Co., Ltd
    Menya Kouji – 1 outlet
    Uomasa – 1 outlet
    Regina Thailand- 3 outlet

Hong Kong

title2ECHouse HK Ltd
    EC HOUSE – 3 outlets

title1 Singapore

Ramen Champion Pte Ltd
  Ramen Champion – 3 outlets (
  Otaru Suisan – 1 outlet (

Ramen Champion competitions are held annually in all of the major cities in Japan. Organizer of ULTIMATE RAMEN CHAMPION SINGAPORE, Komars Group brings the best from the different cities in Japan.

There is more to ULTIMATE RAMEN CHAMPION SINGAPORE than just an epicurean treat. Ordinary shopping malls have food courts; BUGIS+, Clarke Quay Central & T3 have Ramen “Stadiums” where residency is determined by a competitive & friendly customer voting system. Diners vote to determine the ultimate winner & who should leave the arena.

There are 4 quarter finals and the ULTIMATE RAMEN CHAMPION SINGAPORE will be announced at the end of competition. Judging criteria include sales takings and vote counts via onsite voting. The crowned champion will be invited to set‐up a restaurant here in Singapore by Q3.

The competition will bring to Singapore the flavors and recipes from the different regions of Japan, and encourage an exchange of cultures and tastes. This competition is the perfect platform to gauge the taste palettes and find out the flavors Singaporeans love.

Joining hands with Misaki Megumi Suisan, the famous Maguro Wholeseller in Japan, Komars Group is happy to deliver quality Maguro (Tuna) in our latest F&B brand – OTARU SUISAN.

OTARU SUISAN’s first Seafood Izakaya full-service restaurant will be situated at Level 4 of Bugis Plus. Food offering features will include Hokkaido based cuisines ranging from Maguro Sashimi (Raw Tuna), Kani Yaki (Grilled Crab), Kaisen Don (Seafood on Rice Bowl), to Ishikari Nabe (Hokkaido’s well known salmon hotpot) as a few examples. Guests will be able to enjoy a great variety of Traditional Japanese Cuisines made with the freshest ingredients. One can now enjoy the best of Hokkaido with great convenience at Bugis Plus.


EC House Pte Ltd–Singapore
  EC HOUSE – 33 outlets (
  HAIRTITUDE – 1 outlets (
  LA Barbershop – 2 outlet
  Papa Poika – 1 outlet

OneKM Shop_C2
With 34 outlets being directed and franchised in Singapore and Asia, conceptualize on a 10 minutes 12 dollar hair cut with high service standard, well maintained hygiene and professional staff.
The rising trend of quick cut in Asia especially in Japan and Hong Kong aims to provide quality and fuss-free haircut at the most affordable price. 10 years ago, our founder saw the success of this industry and eagerly brought the concept back to Singapore, establishing EC House as the go-to salon for quick, quality haircut.
The change of logo and shop front was part of EC House’s rebranding exercise as to remain relevant and keep up with the market, customers and business partners. It will be the second that EC House undergoes ever since its inception into the market. Enhance global and local presence with a brand new logo and elevate its position as a leading brand. Despite the rebranding exercise, price of hair cut has remained the same as to stand a competitive edge over its competitor and to better serve its customers.

Bedok Mall Shop_C
EC HOUSE Computer management
The succession of quick cuts, presented by EC HOUSE is the introduction of a fully integrated and innovative concepts. Payment is made swift and user friendly, mutually.
The fundamentals and core values in our system lie in the charismatic, casual, easy, hygiene and hassle-free approach. Upon entering the shop, the staff would greet the customers saying “Konnichiwa” (Good Afternoon). The customers would then purchase a ticket from our ticket machine. 10 minutes is the approximate timing of the cut. But of course should the time of the cut go over the timing, there will be no extra charges. After the cut is finished, instead of a hair wash, an air-wash will be prepared and used for an effective way of cleaning.
Hairtitude brings out the style in you. Be inspired by the latest street styles from Hong Kong, Seoul, Japan and Taiwan.
Concept is inspired by the nostalgic English barbershop culture that dates back to 18th century. It aims to bring in the trend from the west, where men would go for a shave to refresh their faces and mind before an important meeting. Or before a date, when they go for a nice trim to keep their hair well kept. When they are tired, they can also go for a shampoo to rejuvenate their senses.
Despite its modern settings, LA Barbershop exudes a homey and inviting vibe. It sets out to provide a nostalgic experience harkening back to simpler day with its red and white pole and where men gathered at the barbershop to discuss everything from business to sports to current affairs. The barber chairs are specially imported from Japan and are designed to depict the traditions of a retro Barber’s chair. With full leather and durable upholstery front and back, from headrest to footrest – this is the place where men can fully lose themselves in an oasis of calm.

LA Barbershop offers services typically available in mid- to high-end salons at affordable prices. At any one time, the shop only attends to two customers. Hence, customers can expect a personal and cosy experience when they are here. It’s also a great father-and-son activity, as they offer both traditional short hair cuts and trendy hairstyles.


Papa Poika is an old-fashioned English-inspired barbershop with kid-centric entertainment. Papa Poika means “father and son” in Finnish, and the concept aims to evoke nostalgia — every man remembers his first trip to the barbershop with his dad or granddad. Located in the heart of Orchard Road, the shop is where father and son can enjoy bonding time and a haircut while mother and daughter go shopping.


Despite its modern settings, Papa Poika exudes a homey and inviting vibe. Children can enjoy activities at the kids’ corner while waiting for their fathers to finish their haircuts or shaving sessions. There are Lego building bricks, books and TVs available that promise great entertainment. The barber chairs are specially imported from Japan and are designed to depict the traditions of a retro Barber’s chair. With full leather and durable upholstery front and back, from headrest to footrest – this is the place where men can fully lose themselves in an oasis of calm.


Global Retail Partners Pte Ltd
  Eat At Seven – 1 outlet (

Eat@7 Facade New_C
Eat At Seven is a bold, ambitious concept by Global Retail Partners. Global Retail Partners is a joint venture by ANA Trading, local veteran restaurateur Mr Andrew Tan and Mr Koki Matsuda, Managing Director of Komars Group. ANA, being the top airline in Japan, has managed to galvanise seven of the most popular food concepts in Japan to foray into Singapore.

Located at level three of Suntec City’s newest Sky Garden, Eat At Seven is home to seven of Japan’s top food specialist concepts as well as restaurants. The 600-seater restaurant will span 14,000 square feet. The sprawling belt will include a sushi restaurant, warayaki izakaya, café and more.

“These seven concepts are recession-proof. Their offerings are affordable for the masses, and to top it off they are superb. Each restaurant boasts a strong reputation —Japanese willingly queue for hours just to savour the cuisines. Japanese cuisines have long been a popular trend in Singapore, and now Singaporeans can enjoy the best of what Japan has to offer, all in one place,” says Mr Andrew Tan, Director of Eat At Seven.

MAGURO-DONYA MIURA-MISAKI-KOU SUSHI & DINING: Japan’s renowned maguro and sashimi wholesaler now in Singapore for the very first time
NikuNoHi: 23 premium and authentic roasted beef parts at affordable prices
Nigiro Cafe: Tokyo’s best Caesar salad is right here
ENBU : Singapore’s first-ever Warayaki and Charcoal Grill Izakaya


Onsen Retreat & Spa (Singapore)
  Yunomori Onsen – 1 outlet (

Yunomori Onsen & Spa is the first large scale and authentic Japanese Onsen in Singapore with an aim to provide a holistic retreat with a combination of Thai and Japanese traditional therapeutic wisdom. Apart from introducing a unique and first of its kind Japanese Onsen & Spa offering in Singapore, we will also aim to set a benchmark for our Japanese-perfected hospitality culture, exceptional service and industry leading productivity achieved through process and technology.

The healing properties and health benefits of Japanese Onsen are attributed to the mineral composition and temperatures of the baths. The temperatures and mineral content of these sacred waters detoxify and relax the body, making it supremely receptive to the holistic Thai massage skills of our Spa’s expert therapists.
Yunomori is a retreat from the hectic nature of city life. Whether you need to escape for an hour or a day, our Onsen, Spa, Cafe, and Beauty Clinic will nurture you back to perfect health.

Yunomori offers a wide range of Onsen baths and facilities. From the simple and traditional to the modern and technological, each bath provides a relaxing and therapeutic experience as well as its own set of benefits.

The tremendous rehabilitative benefit through the aquatic therapy of the Onsen will be useful for patients with acute and post-operative back conditions, arthritis, total joint replacements, and sports injuries. It can also athletes improve muscle tone, mobility, balance and endurance. With the rapidly ageing population of Singapore, we believe our Onsen facility has a huge market potential


title1 Thailand

Komars Management Thailand Co., Ltd
  Bishamon – 1 outlet (
  RQ49 (Medical building)
  CJ – 1 outlet
  Joshoken – 1 outlet

Bishamon sapporo ramen is a casual ramen dinning concept serves Sapporo/Tokyo/Kyushu Ramen, Sushi, Sashimi, Yakitori, Tonkatsu and more.


Beroc Brothers Co., Ltd
  Menya Kouji – 1 outlet (
  Uomasa – 1 outlet (
  Regina Thailand- 3 outlet (

MENYA KOUJI – Famous Ramen from Japan by Chef Kouji
UOMASA serves Sushi, Sashimi, Gyutan and more. We have Private rooms available (Max 16Pax)
Thonglor Branch_C


title1Hong Kong

ECHouse HK Ltd
  EC HOUSE – 3 outlets (